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Hello. We at endeavor to be your partner in monitoring diabetes and your guides in sharing crucial information about the disease.

Add your expertise to share your knowledge among the colleagues working for the betterment of the human kind.
Diabeteshormone has prepared an E-book about Diabetes and metabolism related issues. Click to View
Click here and view the most practical information for day to day care of diabetes.
View all information about common hormonal problems, why they occur and how they can be treated.

Just a click away is every kind of information about Diabetes, Obesity, Short Height, Goiter, Osteoporosis, Sexual Dysfunction and other diseases of hormonal glands like pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal, Testes, Ovary, and Pancreas etc.

Thus we simplify the science of Diabetes and Endocrinology for the layman. Our team is dedicated towards providing precise, scientific and easy-to-understand information through text articles, slide shows, video, animation etc.

While the Movie Theater section has movies on subjects related to causes and treatment of Diabetes, role of exercise and yoga etc, the Virtual Tour walks the visitor through an array of information about Hormonal Glands.

There are personalized Health Tools to know important things like growth of kids, your risk for Diabetes or whether you are obese. The Online Classroom teaches day-to-day things like injecting insulin, Insulin Pen, Insulin Pump, using Glucose meter by a Slide show. Thus, Diabetes school is a must for every one who has Diabetes.

Moreover, there is a huge collection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, right from soups to main course to diabetic desserts.
In addition, there is a Professional section for doctors to discuss views about Diabetes and endocrinology.

To make your discussion with your treating doctor more fruitful, we have provided Diabetes Diary. Download it and start communicating with your doctor to find timely solution or keep your complete medical record in it.

Diabetes is often aggravated due to lack of awareness. We at are committed to bridge this gap. (Hindi readers, log on to

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