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Paradigm 754 Veo Insulin Pump Products
Paradigm 754 Veo Insulin Pump Paradigm 754 Veo Insulin Pump








  • Low sugar suspend.
  • Pump can deliver insulin both ways:
    • Basal- 24 hours.
    • Bolus- Only with meals.
  • Has Bolus wizard to calculate insulin requirements and deliver easy bolus.
  • Small/dual wave bolus.
  • Remote control.
  • Languages.
  • Personal reminder (Alarm clock).
  • Deliver Insulin pain lessly.
  • Pump insulin doses can be adjuested.
  • Review daily insulin totals.
  • Know your glucose levels around the clock (if used with minilink kit and sensor)
  • The best price of it is 3,29,000 Rs.

Insulin pump , Pancreas and Insulin :

  • It delivers insulin like pancreas
  • It relives from multiple pricks
  • Easy to operate
  • It is very useful for persons of irregular habits of eating
  • Cannula works for three days and it has to changed after 72 hrs.
  • Insulin delivery is 0.1 unit to 35 unit as a basal insulin
  • 1 to 48 different basal rates can be sets in this pump
  • Bolus insulin dose can be taken 0.1 units to 25 units.
  • Multiple alarms like no delivery , low battery , low reservoir volume
  • Temporary changes can be made in basal rates
  • Bolus wizard feature is very useful in this pump
  • It checks blood sugar in every 10 minutes
  • Low and high glucose value alarm
  • Readings are available in digits as well as graph also
  • All data of the pump can be downloaded to pc from minilink software through internet
  • Bold and large numbers are easy to read


  • Paradigm 754 Veo Insulin Pump
  • One quick serter
  • One 9 mm 23 cm infusion set
  • User manual
  • Guarantee card
  • Accessories(Pump cover, belt clip, reservoir lock)

Note: The price of the product is all inclusive of taxes and shipment charges.

Price (Inclusive of Taxes & Shipping charges): Rs 3,29,000


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Note: The price of the product is all inclusive of taxes and shipment charges.

Cost: Rs.329000.00
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