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I, on behalf of TOTALL Diabetes Hormone Institute , welcome you.

As we know, diabetes is the biggest consequence of the present day lifestyle and even bigger is the fact that it is engulfing the young population in its clutches.
This trend is being especially observed in developing countries where sudden increase in economic power has lead to a deviation from conventional lifestyle which involved much more physical activity and minimal consumption of processed refined foods.

But with increasing incomes and less time at their disposal youngsters today are following a lifestyle which is against their genetic make leading to a sudden surge in metabolic disorder like diabetes.

The situation becomes even grimmer because of the fact that there is a lack of proper understanding of this disease amongst common man. What to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, the kind of exercise to be done which gives maximum benefit to the patients - all these things constantly hound the patient and he often more then not does not get a clue about them.

For this very purpose, TOTALL Diabetes Hormone Institute developed this website, to provide knowledge about Diabetes and other Hormonal problems is provided in such a way so that the common person without any exposure to medical background can easily understand the basis of these problems and all his queries and myths are solved by the experts in the field.

Dr Sunil M Jain and other renowned experts in field of Endocrinology will provide latest and the best in Diabetes and Hormonal diseases.

Anupama Jain
TOTALL Diabetes Hormone Institute
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