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You are now answering a set of questions. Each question has one correct answer. Answers to all questions are available in articles available in Diabetes School. At the end of test, if you score more than 50%, you can print your certificate.
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Questions and Answers
1 . Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) represents

2 . HbA1c of 7% corresponds to average glucose of

3 . To correct Hypoglycemia patient should eat

4 . What is Glycemic Index (GI)?

5 . Which constituent of food is responsible for immediate Glucose rise after eating?

6 . Following drug if taken on long term basis can cause Diabetes

7 . Common symptom of Diabetes

8 . Aim of treating Diabetes is

9 . Where Insulin should be injected ?

10 . Ideal site of Insulin prick

11 . Target Fasting and Post Prandial Glucose

12 . When short acting Insulin Analog ideally can be injected

13 . When long acting Basal Insulin can be injected

14 . What is true about Insulin

15 . Major advantage of self monitoring of Blood Glucose

16 . For self testing of Blood Glucose, good site of prick is

17 . Which are common symptoms of hypoglycemia

18 . What is true about hypoglycemia

19 . Retina checkup is needed in type 2 diabetes

20 . Type 1 Diabetes

21 . Symptoms of high Cholesterol includes

22 . Aim of Blood Pressure treatment in diabetes is to achieve BP of

23 . Ideal Lipid profile figures in Diabetes are

24 . Diabetic should walk

25 . Quitting smoking in Diabetes is good because

26 . Women Planning Pregnancy with Diabetes should

27 . If Blood Glucose is high on maximum dose of tablet, most common reason may be

28 . Diabetes occurs primarily due to

29 . Medicines for Diabetes

30 . Diabetes is diagnosed when

31 . To identify regular Insulin

32 . Cereals to be avoided in Diabetes

33 . Indigenous medication like so called ayurvedic, unani, desi etc for Diabetes

34 . Insulin Pump is a machine

35 . Insulin should be avoided in Diabetes

art of painless insulin treatment

diabetic sweets

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