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N.C. SULEYN.C. SULEY 22 Nov 2008

My experience with insulin.


I was in my mid thirties when I learnt I was on the threshold of having diabetes since I was prediabetic, this in spite of the fact that I was very active physically. But I guess this was quite expected as both my parents were Diabetic, nevertheless, I came out of the initial shock and initially I could keep my sugar within normal limits merely my exercise & playing outdoor games. Gradually diabetes did catch up with me and I had to be put on first line diabetic treatment and then in later stages on stronger medicines.


A stage does come where oral medicines do not have a desired effect, either the sugar levels are quite erratic or they cause hypoglycemia at any time of the day, the side effects of the medicines, are another guidance you have to live with I had tried every other way of controlling and getting rid of Diabetes, nothing worked. I have been under treatment of Dr. Sunil M. Jain, M.D, DM, in Indore. I consulted him very regularly, besides being a good doctor, he is a very good human being and an excellent counselor.


He counseled me into believing that taking insulin is by no means the last stage of diabetes. Instead it was merely a case of replacing insulin which other wise is physiologically made in the body..


When I took my first injection about 8 years back. I was very apprehensive and so were my family members. It was disturbing for them as well, but with each passing day I found this exercise as much a part of my life as washing hands before & after meals. If I could carry a pen to my place of work, I see no reason why cant carry a pen filled with insulin as well that easy it actually is these days. If a person can handle his spectacles or dentures or contact lenses at work he or she may as well easily handle an insulin pen.


Just as you become an expert driver in just a few weeks you may as well become  an expert in taking insulin & managing your own diabetes in a few days or maybe weeks time.


What you need is to trust your Doctor & have self belief in yourself. Just raise your awareness level and follow Doctors instructions, like you would follow traffic rules. Just as you keep track of gas in your car by looking at the fuel meter keep track of your diabetes by regular Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) for that you must buy a good quality glucometer


With experience one can easily learn to take the optimum dose of insulin. If your meals are some times light or heavy or at times if you totally skip your meals you can learn to adjust insulin dose accordingly.


In spite of all these efforts, fluctuations in glucose level may occur, you may experience episodes hypoglycemia at times so always be sure to carry glucose in your pocket.









Courtney (17 Sep 2012) says...

Every carbohydrate that you eat, takes you taowrd insulin resistance. When your resistance becomes high, you are pre diabetic. When your resistance is so great that you can not make enough insulin, your blood sugar goes up, and you are known as a diabetic. The great thing is that when you are in the pre-diabetic stage, it can be completely reversed. A month or two on a sever carbohydrate restriction will reset your resistance by 10 years. Then all you have to do is balance your carbs, fats, and proteins. Stick with the natural saturated fat, as these new fake fats, like trans fats and canola, will kill you.
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