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Why normal sugar is important
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Diabetes cannot be cured. But it is possible to lead a healthy normal life by keeping glucose under control.

The complications of diabetes do not develop overnight. Diabetes damages various body organs over a period of years. This damage occurs due to abnormal metabolism of  high glucose in the blood which causes accumulation of harmful chemicals, which then damage important body organs. 

If a person becomes diabetic at a very young age, he should be especially careful since the complications may set in the 4th or 5th decade of his life. These complications can be prevented if a person’s glucose level is kept under control.

Thus by keeping Glucose in normal range, a patient can avoid chance of developing diabetic complications like :

  • Neuropathy - damage to nerves
  • Nephropathy - damage to Kidney
  • Retinopathy- damage to retina leading to impaired vision etc

Why Treat Diabetes If There Are No Symptoms:

About 50% of the diabetic patients have no symptoms whatsoever. But the high blood glucose level causes damage to various organs of the body. When this damage becomes severe sudden cases of heart attack, paralysis, kidney damage, or loss of vision may occur. To prevent these diabetic complications glucose has to be kept under control, even if  there are no symptoms.

Diabetes related complications occur due to persisting high glucose and hence preventable if glucose levels are kept as close to normal as  possible.


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