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Basic Aim of treating Diabetes
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Basic aim of treating diabetes:


Basic defect in Diabetes is - Our pancreas does not produce the needed amount of Insulin so at a given point of time, amount of Glucose entering in blood[ by food or from liver]  is higher then the amount of Insulin which can handle this Glucose .

During initial stage of diabetes, insulin is being secreted but its efficiency is decreased. The main reason for this is genetic factor and faulty  lifestyle i.e. eating high calorie food (junk food) and lack of physical activity. At this stage, exercise and diet management can reduce the demand of Insulin and drugs to increase Insulin efficiency [ Insulin sensitizers like Metformin, Pioglitazone, Rosiglitazone ] can be effective. 

Over a period of time, secretion of insulin from the pancreas decreases[ due to reduction in beta cell number and beta cell fatigue] then oral drugs are given to increase the secretion of insulin.

If the beta cell number is very less or they are making minimal insulin, then in spite of  maximul doses of oral drugs, Insulin level remains low and then Insulin itself has to be given by injection.

Thus , All type of Diabetes treatment  is based on insulin:


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