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Symptoms Of Diabetes
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Most people are familiar with common symptoms of diabetes but in almost 50% patients diabetes may be present without any obvious symptoms. In such patients diabetes is diagnosed incidentally or when some serious complication of diabetes has occurred.

Early diagnosis of diabetes is important so as to prevent the long-term complications of diabetes.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes:

1. Symptoms due to increased blood glucose level:

When the level of glucose in blood rises above a certain limit, it changes the osmotic pressure of blood, which leads to increased frequency of urination. It causes dehydration, so the patient feels thirsty again and again. Increased blood glucose also leads to recurrent infections and delayed wound healing. Fungal infection in the genitals of males and females leading to itching of private parts is also common.

Blurring of vision or a decrease in vision is also an important symptom of diabetes. The increased glucose level in the blood  causes a change in the shape of the lens leading to distorted vision. Once the blood glucose level comes to normal the shape of the lens also comes back to normal  & the person’s vision becomes normal again. If a person uses spectacles & becomes diabetic he may have frequent changes in his spectacles power. It is advisable to get the spectacle number corrected only when blood glucose is normal.

2. Symptoms due to non-availability of Glucose in cells:

Tiredness, weakness, irritability, bodyache, tingling, increased appetite and weight loss are common symptoms.

3. Symptoms of Complications of Diabetes:

Increased level of glucose in the blood causes damage to various organs leading to symptoms like numbness in hands and legs, pricking sensation, tingling, aches and pains, blurred vision, impotence, swelling in body etc.

Common Symptoms of Type 2  Diabetes:

Weight loss

Increased frequency of urination.

Increased thirst


Itching in private parts

Increased appetite

Tiredness and easy fatigue ability

Non healing wounds.


Symptoms of Type 1  Diabetes:

!          Increased thirst

!          Increased frequency of urine

!          Bedwetting in kids

!          Increased food intake with rapid loss of weight.

If these symptoms are ignored, patient can go into ketoacidosis which is a life threatening condition. Many times parents do not understand the significance of these symptoms leading to increasing blood glucose level. In absence of glucose the body cells starts utilizing fatty acids as a source of energy. The break down of fatty acids leads to production of ketoacids that in turn leads to Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), a medical emergency .

Symptoms of Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA):

!          Decreased appetite

!          Vomiting and pain in abdomen

!          Breathlessness/deep breathing

!          Dullness

!          Unconsciousness

Immediate insulin treatment is needed to prevent death.

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