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Insulin With Humapen
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Below is the script used to prepare this animation, This gives important information on Insulin injection technique with Humapen ergo. You are most welcome to read script first and then click view attachment, keep patience as it is a large file, but you will definitely find it useful and informative.

  • Pancreas in our body produces insulin, a hormone throughout life. Insulin shifts glucose from bolld to inside of cells and its deficiency leads to rise in Glucose level that is Diabetes.   If after taking full dose of oral tablets, still the level of blood sugar is high then in such a situation it is best to take insulin.
  • Now, I will tell you about correct technique of injecting insulin. Any one including kids can easily inject Insulin.
  • Today it is very easy to inject insulin with humapen. Ergonomic design 0f Humapen has made Insulin shot very easy.
  • Some people have misconception that insulin cannot be kept out of Refrigerator. But the fact is - insulin can be kept at room temperature for 3 weeks.
  • Before injecting clean hands with soap and water and maintain good personal hyegine.
  • Clean the site of prick, preferably with spirit. Inject only after the spirit evaporates and surface is dry. The site of injection can also be cleaned with soap and water. Avoid using dettol or savlon.
  • If you are using humapen then make sure you have loaded the correct penfill.
  • If penfill is milky then move the pen up and down for 8 to 10 times so that insulin mixes properly.
  • To dial insulin dose from humapen, rotate the dial of Humapen.
  • You can take Insullin dose ranging from 1 to 60 units with Humapen.
  • If you want to take 20 Units then Dial 20,
  • But if by mistake you have dialed 24 units
  • then you can reverse the dia to go to 20 units.
  • If by mistake a wrong dose is dialed then you can reverse the dialer to get back to correct dose.
  • To inject from pen dial the required dose.
  • Now you are ready to take your insulin shot. Now I will tell you the correct method of taking insulin. We have to make sure that the insulin reaches the fatty tissue beneath the skin. For this some sites in the body are better than others.
  • On Abdomen, 3 inches away from umbilicus

  • Outer thighs.

  • Outer arms.

  • Clean the site of insulin injection with spirit. Inject only after the spirit evaporates and surface is dry. The site of injection can also be cleaned with soap and water. Wait for surface to dry.
  • Hold the Humapen in such a way that you can inject with 90 degree angle.
  • Now insert the needle fully into the skin.
  • and press the dial , insulin is delivered and dial comes back to zero.
  • Wait for 5 seconds more.
  • Now while keeping pressure on dial of humapen, take out the needle.
  • Do remember not to inject at the same site daily. Keep rotating the site. If you have used one area, you should come to that point again after a few more turns.
  • So you see how easy, it is to inject insulin.
  • Once the penfill is loaded, it should not be taken out till it becomes empty.
  • As insulin is consumed, the brown rubber of penfill is pushed up and once the full 300 units is consumed the brown portion of the penfill reaches the end of the penfill.
  • If only 10 units is remaining in the humapen and your dose is 30 units,
  • Then it is possible to dial till 30 units
  • But on injecting only 10 units will go and the dial will stop at 20 units.
  • This remaining 20 units will have to be taken from a new penfill.
  • To change penfill, first take out the old penfill. For this rotate the cartridge holder and separate it from the body of pen and remove the empty penfill.
  • Now a black colored shaft is visible and to push it back,
  • Simply press it with your finger.
  • Place the new penfill into the cartridge holder
  • And assemble it to the body of pen.
  • Now attach a new needle and prime the pen.
  • Humapen is now again ready with a new penfill.
  • Now I will give you 4 tips, to make insulin shot, a virtually painless experience.

      Tip 1 : keep the insulin in use, at room temperature since cold insulin is pains more

      Tip 2 : if cleaning with spirit wait till spirit is fully evaporated and the skin is dry

      Tip 3: do not prick through the hair roots.

      Tip 4 : use a new needle every time


  • If your beta cells are producing less insulin then you can easily replace the required amount of insulin with Humapen.
  • Don’t be scarred of insulin. Insulin treatment is now virtually painless and it helps you lead a better life with diabetes. In true sense, Insulin is the most natural treatment of Diabetes, if our body is producing less insulin, then why not to replace it.
  • If your Doctor is suggesting you to go on insulin, start today, it is for your betterment.


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