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Glossary - A
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Amenorrhoea- (Missed Period). The most likely reason for a missed period is pregnancy. However several other conditions results in missed or irregular peiod such as thyroid problem, obesity & diabetes. Exercising excessively, abrupt weight loss, emotional upheavals or severe stress & even flying, can all interrupt the cycle.
Amines- Nitrogen compound present in food, they can combine with nitrites in food or in the stomach to form nitrosomines, which may be linked with cancer, although there is no conclusive evidence.
Amino Acid
Amino Acid- Amino acids are so called because they have an aminogroup (NH2) attached to an organic acid. The aminoacids in a protein molecule are joined by peptide linkages in which the carboxyl group of one aminoacid is liked with the amino group of another, with the elimination of one molecule of water. Aminoacids are utilized for the formats of proteins, harmones, vitmaines & enzymes.
Aminoaciduria- When amino acids appear in excess in the blood due to abnormal metabolism or due to kidney tubular damage preventing their reabsorption. They are excreted in urine.
Amniocentesis- a procedure in which a small amount of amniotic fluid is removed from the mother’s womb in order to detect abnormalities of the fetus
Amniotic fluid
Amniotic fluid- clear fluid that surrounds a fetus during pregnancy and cushions and protects it
Anabolic steroid
Anabolic steroid- a drug similar to the male hormone testosterone that builds muscles and strengthens bones, but has adverse side effects
Anal fissure
Anal fissure- a long, open sore on the skin of the anus
Anal fistula
Anal fistula- an abnormal tubelike passage connecting the anus to the surface of the surrounding skin
Analgesic- a drug that relieves pain, such as aspirin or acetaminophen
Anaphylactic shock
Anaphylactic shock- a life-threatening allergic reaction resulting in difficulty breathing and low blood pressure
Anatomy- the structure of bodies; commonly refers to the study of body structure
Androgen- a hormone (such as testosterone) that causes development of male characteristics and sex organs.
Anemia- a condition in which the blood does not contain enough hemoglobin, the compound that carries oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body.
Anesthesia- a loss of sensation in a certain part of the body or throughout the body.
Angina- Angina is pain originating from the heart when it doesn’t get enough blood supply
Angina Pectoris
Angina Pectoris- Chest discomfort or pain resulting from inadequate supply of blood and oxygen to the heart muscles.
Angina pectoris
Angina pectoris- pain experienced in the chest, arms, or jaw because of a lack of oxygen to the heart muscle
Angina Stable
Angina Stable- People with stable angina (or chronic stable angina) have episodes of chest discomfort that are usually predictable. They occur on exertion or under mental or emotional stress. Normally the chest discomfort is relieved with rest, nitroglycerin or both.
Angina Unstable
Angina Unstable- In people with unstable angina, the chest pain is unexpected and usually occurs while at rest. The discomfort may be more severe and prolonged than typical angina or be the fist time a person has angina.
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