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Glossary - F
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Facial palsy
Facial palsy- inability to move the muscles of the face, usually on only one side, due to inflammation of a nerve
Failure to thrive
Failure to thrive- describes a baby who grows and gains weight slower than expected
Fallopian tube
Fallopian tube- either of two long, slender ducts connecting a woman's uterus to her ovaries, where eggs are transported from the ovaries to the uterus and sperm may fertilize an egg
Familial- a term describing a disorder or characteristic (such as male pattern baldness) that occurs within a family more often than would be expected
Fats- One of the three main classes of foods and a source of energy in the body. It serves as the most concentrated form of energy provided in food. Commonly, the terms fats and oils indicate whether the fat is solid (Saturated) or liquid (Unsaturated) respectively. Fats help the body to use some vitamins and keep the skin healthy. They also serve as energy sources for the body. In food, there are two types of fate: saturated and unsaturated:
Fatty acids
Fatty acids- Fatty acids are breakdown products of fats (triglycerides) consisting of a chain of carbon atoms whose length and degree of saturation can vary. A fat molecule consists of one molecule of glycerol and three molecules of fatty acids, hence the term triglyceride.
Fatty streak
Fatty streak- Fatty streaks are slightly raised, yellow lesion, visible in the inner lining of major arteries containing cholesterol rich cells. Fatty streaks precede the occurrence of atherosclerotic lesions in the arteries.
Febrile- a term used to describe something related to a fever, such as febrile seizures (seizures occurring in a child who has a fever)
Fetal alcohol syndrome
Fetal alcohol syndrome- a combination of defects in a fetus as a result of the mother drinking alcohol during pregnancy
Fetus- the term used to refer to an unborn child from 8 weeks after fertilization to birth
Fiber- a constituent of plants that cannot be digested, which helps maintain healthy functioning of the bowels
Fibre- Indigestible portions of vegetative origin which contribute to roughage in diet. These include cellulose, hemicellulose, gums, pectin, agar and muciloges, cellulose and hemicellulose are water insoluble while others are soluble in water cereals, pulses, vegetables, and fruits are rich sources of dietary fibre.
Fibrocystic breast disease
Fibrocystic breast disease- the most common cause of breast lumps
Fibroid- a noncancerous tumor of the uterus made up of smooth muscle and connective tissue
Fibroma- a noncancerous tumor of connective tissue
Fibrosis- abnormal formation of connective or scar tissue
Fissure- a groove or slit on the body or in an organ
Fistula- an abnormal passageway from one organ to another or from an organ to the body surface
Flatulence- excessive air or gas in the intestines, which is expelled through the anus
Floaters- small spots that float across the field of vision, caused by debris floating in the gel-like substance that fills the eye
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