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Glossary - P
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Potassium- a mineral that plays an important role in the body, helping to maintain water balance, normal heart rhythm, conduction of nerve impulses, and muscle contraction
Preeclampsia- a serious disorder that occurs in the second half of pregnancy, in which a woman experiences high blood pressure, fluid retention, nausea, and headaches; if not treated it can lead to eclampsia
Premature labor
Premature labor- labor that begins before the full term of pregnancy (about 37 weeks)
Premature rupture of membranes
Premature rupture of membranes- the rupture of the sac that holds the fluid surrounding the fetus before the full term of pregnancy (about 37 weeks)
Premenopausal- a term that describes the period of a few years in a woman's life just before menopause
Premenstrual syndrome
Premenstrual syndrome- physical and emotional changes that occur in a woman 1 or 2 weeks before menstruation, at or after ovulation; characterized by irritability, tension, depression, and fatigue
Prenatal care
Prenatal care- medical care of a pregnant woman and the fetus
Prenatal diagnosis
Prenatal diagnosis- techniques used to diagnose abnormalities in a fetus
Prenatal testing
Prenatal testing- tests performed on a pregnant woman or her fetus to prevent or diagnose abnormalities
Prevalence- Total number of cases, both old and new existing at a given point in time or over a period of time in a given population.
Priapism- a painful, persistent erection without sexual arousal, requiring emergency treatment
Prickly heat
Prickly heat- a rash involving small, red, itchy spots and a prickly sensation that usually appears where sweat builds up
Progesterone- a female sex hormone that plays many important roles in reproduction, including the thickening of the lining of the uterus during the menstrual cycle; and during pregnancy, the functioning of the placenta, and the initiation of labor
Prognosis- a doctor's probable forecast of the effects and outcome of a disease.
Proof Spirit
Proof Spirit- is a mixture of equal amounts of alcohols & water by weight.
Prostate gland
Prostate gland- an organ located under the bladder that produces a large part of the semen
Proteins- large molecules made up of amino acids that play many major roles in the body, including forming the basis of body structures such as skin and hair, and important chemicals such as enzymes and hormones
Pruritus- the medical term for itching
Psychosis- a mental disorder in which a serious inability to think, perceive, and judge clearly causes loss of touch with reality
Psychosomatic- describes a physical condition that is influenced by psychological or emotional factors
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