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Glossary - U
Ulcer- an open sore that occurs on the skin or on a mucous membrane because of the destruction of surface tissue
Ulcerative colitis
Ulcerative colitis- a chronic condition in which ulcers occur on the mucous membrane lining of the colon (the end of the large intestine) and the rectum
Ultrasound scanning
Ultrasound scanning- an imaging procedure used to examine internal organs in which high-frequency sound waves are passed into the body, reflected back, and used to build an image; also sometimes called sonography
Umbilical cord
Umbilical cord- the tubal structure (consisting of two arteries and one vein) that connects the fetus to the placenta, supplying the fetus with oxygen and nutrients and removing some waste products
Umbilical hernia
Umbilical hernia- a condition present at birth in which a part of the baby's intestines bulge through a weak area of the abdominal wall, creating a swelling around the navel
Unconsciousness- a temporary or prolonged loss of awareness of self and of surroundings
Undescended testicle
Undescended testicle- a testicle that has not moved down from the abdomen, where it develops, into the scrotum
Unsaturated fat
Unsaturated fat- a fat or oil found mainly in vegetables; thought to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease
Unstable Angina
A clinical term encompassing a spectrum of acute or sub acute ischaemic situations. By and large, unstable angina represents a transition in atherosclerotic coronary heart disease from a chronic to more rapidly progressive course. Broadly, unstable angina can be divided into: I.Exertional angina of recent onset, II. Worsening angina, and         III.Angina at rest or on minimal exertion or angina during sleep. Unstable angina is also known as acute coronary insufficiency or pre-infraction angina
Urea- a waste product of the metabolism of proteins that is formed by the liver and secreted by the kidneys
Uremia- abnormally high levels of waste products such as urea in the blood
Urinary incontinence
Urinary incontinence- the involuntary release of urine because of the inability to control bladder muscles; may occur as a natural part of the aging process or be caused by an injury or disorder
Urinary tract
Urinary tract- the structures in the body that are responsible for the production and release of urine, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra
Urticaria- an allergic reaction in which itchy white lumps surrounded by areas of inflammation appear on the skin; commonly called "hives"
Uterine prolapse
Uterine prolapse- a condition in which the uterus moves downward into the vagina due to a weakness of the ligaments and muscles that hold the uterus in place
Uterus- the hollow female reproductive organ in which a fertilized egg is implanted and a fetus develops
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