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Glossary - V
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Vitamin A
Vitamin A- a vitamin essential for normal growth and development of the body (most notably the bones and teeth), protection of mucous membranes from infection, normal vision, and healthy skin and hair
Vitamin B complex
Vitamin B complex- a group of vitamins including thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, and folic acid; plays a variety of important roles in the body, including in hormone production, metabolism, and functioning of the nerves, muscle, heart, and digestive system
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12- a vitamin that is essential to the production of DNA (the genetic material in cells) and red blood cells and in the functioning of the nervous system
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6- a vitamin that plays an important role in the breakdown and use of energy sources, production of red blood cells and antibodies, and normal functioning of the nervous system
Vitamin C
Vitamin C- also known as ascorbic acida vitamin with many essential roles, including in maintaining healthy bones, teeth, gums, ligaments, and blood vessels and in the immune system's response to infection
Vitamin D
Vitamin D- a vitamin that plays a role in the absorption of calcium by the intestines and is essential for healthy bones and teeth
Vitamin E
Vitamin E- a vitamin that protects tissues from damage by oxygen free radicals, helps to form red blood cells, maintains the function of enzymes, and maintains cell structure
Vitamin K
Vitamin K- a vitamin that is essential for normal blood clotting and the body's absorption of calcium
Vitamins- complex substances that are necessary in small amounts to maintain health and ensure proper development and functioning of the body
Vitiligo- a condition in which patches of skin on the body lose their color; thought to be caused by the immune system attacking the skin tissues, causing the absence of melanin
Vitreous humor
Vitreous humor- the clear, watery fluid that fills the cavity of the eye behind the lens
Vocal cords
Vocal cords- two strips of tissue in the voice box that have the ability to produce sound when air passing through them causes the tissues to vibrate
Vulva- the outer, visible portion of the female genitals
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