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There are occasional difficult cases, but these were solved by you. Diabetes welcomes such successful efforts. Please contribute such cases so as to help others.

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Non-Healing Foot Ulcer Treated by Total Contact Cast (09 Nov 2008)
Dr. Alok Jain, MS (ORTH), Indore
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Mr V.K., Male, 57 years, is resident of Mumbai with Type–2 DM since 16 years. He had a non healing ulcer on mid-sole of left foot for more than six months. There was no history of any injury. He received the treatment in the form of regular dressing with different creams and ointments. Later on he was advised surgery for the same.

He came to Indore and consulted me on 01-Aug-2008. He was diagnosed as having Charcot’s Arthropathy (X-Ray), with a non-healing ulcer. After debridement, he was given a total contact cast 4 days post-operatively. Regular window dressings were done.

After three weeks ulcer got healed. 

Cast without window was applied for another three weeks as treatment regimen for Charcot's Arthropathy.

He was given a customized insole after removal of cast and thoroughly educated about foot care.

Now patient is comfortable and ambulatory.

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